See a difference in as few as three sessions. 
"Prior to my coming to Central Maine Electrolysis, I went to an out of town electrolysis for 9 months.  I didn't feel like I was seeing a steady improvement.  But more importantly, I felt like most of my hairs were being plucked or tweezed, which is what I did myself for a lot of years.  I finally decided it was time to shop around.  Fortunately, I found Ami.  She explained her training to me and compared that training to the training that most electrolysists receive.  Long story short --- I've been seeing a steady improvement for several months.  I now feel like I'm on the right path and can see an end in sight."   ~ NL Augusta
“I had been going to a local electrolgist and not seeing the results that I thought I should(chin and neck area). I had been going weekly for 8 months with little results. What a blessing it was to find Ami! Ami took the time to explain the process and assured me that she would give me the results I expected to see. She certainly didn’t lie! I have been going to Ami since the end of November 2013 and to date, May 2014, I am almost complete with my requested treatment. Ami is a fantastic electrolgist and a wonderful person as well. I am very thankful to have found her. If you are thinking of Electrolgy Ami will definitely give you results. I would highly recommend her.” ~ L.S. Lewiston
"I just want to say Ami is terrific.  I have had electrolysis before and she is head and shoulders above the others.  Her office is impeccably clean, welcoming and quiet.  Her work is professional and while not quite painless she certainly manages to minimize the discomfort plus the use of an icepack after is pure genius!  Why didn’t anyone else suggest that?  I am very pleased with the results and  highly recommend her without reservation."  ~ Donna M.
"I was very discouraged, seeing no results for years. I had no idea if Ami would be the answer. I knew immediately that she knew what she was doing at the first appointment I had with her. The change has been unbelievable. I can promise anyone - you will not be disappointed with Ami. She is the best and will take care of this for you. This is the first time in years I don't have to worry about it anymore. I am so happy I found her. She takes excellent care of her clients. I highly recommend her. She truly is a blessing."  ~ JN

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