Q: How old is the process of electrolysis?

A: True electrolysis dates back to 1875. One of America's first electrolysis practices was founded by D.J. Mahler in Providence, Rhode Island in 1880. It was Mr. Mahler who later went on to found The Instantron Company.

Q: How does electrolysis remove hair?

A: A complete description is lengthy and highly technical, but basically, the electrologist directs a tiny, split-second impulse down to the hair root, destroying it so that it can never produce another hair.

Q: Is electrolysis painful?

A: the split-second sensation is less than tweezing or waxing. You can hardly tell the prob trip is being inserted. The tiny current destroys the hair root.

Q: What if hair seems to return while I'm being treated?

A: Your own previous attempt to remove hair will be the reason for this, as hair usually takes one to fourteen weeks to regrow. In other word, the growth will be the hair that had not yet appeared when you started treatment. But electrolysis will remove it. Permanently

Q: Is electrolysis expensive?

A: As compared with many other beauty treatments, the cost is moderate. It’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of freedom from unsightly, unwanted hair.  Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to look in to electrolysis now?

Q: Recently I have read about “alternative” hair removal machines and methods.  Are they safe? Are they effective?

A: Electrolysis is the ONLY PERMANENT hair removal method available today.
Most recently - The FDA has restricted laser manufacturers of making any claims of permanent hair removal. Also Lasers seem to be no more effective than waxing, bleaching, shaving, plucking and electric tweezers.


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